Services Designed to Deliver Value

Solar Value Assessment

Our experienced team will create a custom profile of your solar potential to demonstrate:

  • The life-time (25 year) economics of your project including payback and financing options
    • Long Term Value (LTV) created via year 1 tax savings + forever power savings
    • Metrics that enhance your property Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • The physical layout on your building(s) and its potential to be solar powered
  • Timeline, resources and processes flow to deploy and energize your building’s solar project
  • Specific positive environmental impact that can be used to elevate your brand and differentiate you in the marketplace


Solar Solution Deployment

Building on your Assessment, we will bring together the team to deploy your solar project that will:

  • Consider all options to achieve maximum value and ROI
  • Avoid disruption of day-to-day operations
  • Deliver high value fast with virtually no risk
  • Engage and coordinate key partners to optimize economic impact including tax reduction opportunities
  • Coordinate solar suppliers and contractors
  • Implement your solar project using a straight-forward and time efficient process
  • Leave you with the tools to: Attract more tenants, position your property for premium sale, create a positive brand impact for stakeholders and the community